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Market Reports

Turkish Apricot Update 10/08/2020

  • Exports in July were 3,926 tons, compared to 4,380 tons last year.
  • Total full year exports are 96,400 tons compared to 99,461 tons last year.
  • Average price for whole apricots exported in July was $3045 compared to $2701 in July last year.
Full year exports of 96,400 tons is in line with expectations.
Final figures for 2019 crop are estimated as follows:

And estimates for 2020 crop

Harvest and pitting is nearly complete. Growers are reporting low yields across the growing regions as a result of frosts and rain during the bloom. With supply down some 25% on recent years, prices have been increasing steadily. There is fierce competition for early arrivals in the market, and in the field for larger growers and organics.
Organic prices have risen sharply again as the supply has been reduced further due to low yields, farmers giving up on organics and disease.
The TMO (Turkish government support fund) has not started to buy, but have said they will do so in case of need, in other words if prices weaken, there seems no sign of that in the medium term with packers short and prices increasing the growers are feeling in control.
The Lira has weakened over the past week as the government has stopped intervention in the forex markets. We may see interest rate increases in support of the Lira in the coming days. It currently stands at 7.31 to the $