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Market Reports

Turkish Apricot Update 09/03/2020

  • Exports in February were a 6,911 tons, compared to 7,598 tons last year
  • Year to date exports are 66,891 tons compared to 66,890 tons last year.
  • Average price for diced apricots  year to date is $2111 FOB compared to last year same period of $2172
  • Average price for whole apricots year to date is $2763 FOB compared to $2750 same period last year
 Total exports and average prices are almost identical to last year. Crop was smaller than last year. With 5 months to go until new crop, we still expect exports to approach 100,000 tons which will mean a tight transition to new crop.
Efficient and hygienic – Electronic sorting  at our apricot plant

Weather has been a few degrees above normal for the past week, and the forecast is the same for this week. Early variety Kaba Asi bloom has just started, pretty much on time, in Kale and Baskil, peak bloom is at the beginning of April. The weather forecast is good the the rest of this week, all eyes will be on night time temperatures for the next 6 to 8 weeks

Apricot prices are steady in Malatya, with daily fluctuations according to the exchange rate. Supply is tight but sufficient, but the lack of carryover tonnage will leave the market susceptible to a sharp correction in the event of frost.

The Turkish Lira has been volatile over the past month  swinging between 6.05 and 6.25 to the $. At time of writing it was 6.11.