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Market Reports

Turkish Apricot Update 06/07/2022

  • Exports in June were 4,294 tons compared to 3,616 tons last month and 5,971 tons last year
  • Year to date exports are 78,966 tons compared to 84,324 tons last year

Exports are in line with expectations, similar shipments are expected for July to complete the season a little over 80,000 tons with around 5,000 tons of domestic consumption and no carryover. This is in line with our crop estimates from this time last year.

We are expecting a 2022 crop of identical size with pipelines mostly empty, a very similar position to the same period last year. Importers have run their stocks down and will be looking for early shipments of new crop.

The Lira is weak and is the biggest unknown when it comes to 2022 crop, though apricots like most export commodities have become Dollarized to some extent.

The harvest in most regions will start from the middle of this month with first shipments in August. We expect to see a standoff between packers and growers when first fruit comes to market, though the lack of carryover puts the growers in a stronger position. Packers will be reluctant to sell before they start to build some stocks.

Turkey will be closed all of next week for official holidays.