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Market Reports

Turkish Apricot Update 05/12/2019

  • Exports in November were a steady 9,931 tons, compared to 10,396 tons last year
  • Year to date exports are 39,406 tons compared to 39,971 tons last year.
  • Average price for diced apricots year to date is $2162 FOB compared to last year same period of $2175
  • Average price for whole apricots year to date is $2747 FOB compared to $2795 same period last year
Size 4 sulphured apricot prices are unchanged in Malatya in Lira terms. The Lira is also unchanged over the month. Smaller sized apricots have edged higher, and larger sizes have edged lower reflecting the reality of the crop being mainly size 4 and larger.
 Over the past 10 days there has been significant export business concluded with most importers looking to lock their customers in through new crop and large retailers concluding calendar year tenders ahead of the frost period from end February onwards.
With overall supply down on last years, similar prices, recent Lira stability and exports running in line with last year, it seems there is little downside price risk on apricots, and significant upside.
Organic and natural apricots continue to trade at a significant premium to sulphured, and are all but sold out.

We would be happy to quote on specific enquiries for regular and high moisture apricots both bulk and a wide variety of private label packs.