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Market Reports

Turkish Apricot Update 05/10/2022

Stronger Exports in September

  • Exports in September were 8,972 tons compared to 10,933 tons last year
  • Exports year to date are 14,426 tons compared to 19,749 tons same period last year.

After a slow start to the season exports increased close to historically normal levels for September (5 year average for September is 10,463 tons) despite record prices. Packers and importers ran out of waiting time and needed to replenish stocks.

Prices have remained stable over the past month. 

The Lira has only been allowed to weakened around 1.5% in September and is currently 18.5 to the $. Inflation remains above 80% – with the Lira’s relative strength packers costs continue to rise in $ terms.

The unprecedented unorthodox central bank policy of lowering interest in the face of rising inflation and intervening in support of the Lira has created confusion and uncertainty. Many growers prefer to keep non perishable commodities over cash. 

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