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Market Reports

Turkish Apricot Update 04/08/2021

  • Exports in July were 2,797 tons compared to 3,926 tons last year/
  • Total 2020 crop exports were 87,121 tons compared to 96,400 tons last year.
  • Average export price for 2020 crop for whole apricots was $3501/ton FOB compared to $2792 last year.

There was effectively no carryover, in fact it might be negative when deducting the the contracts that were postponed into new crop.

The harvest and drying is nearly complete. Quality is good with little in the way of blemishes or small fruit which is going to keep the diced market very strong. Could this be the year that diced moves into a premium price over whole apricots ?

Growers have produced more unsulphured than last year given last years premium, as a result there will be even less supply of sulphured fruit. Natural are trading at a $100 per ton discount to sulphured (compared to a $300 premium last year).

We have had a full week of trading new crop following the long national holidays. Prices for medium and large sizes have held firm in Lira terms but have increased in $ terms as the Lira has strengthened. Prices for smaller fruit have increased.

All packers are actively buying to try and fill them empty supply chains. Buyers have started to confirm business for early shipments, and are waiting on decisions from their customers on whether to cover longer term.

We will be happy to quote against your specific inquiries, first shipments are expected to start around the 15th of August.