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Market Reports

Dried Apricot Exports and Prices Surge Turkish Apricot Update 05/10/2021

  • Exports in July were 10,939 tons compared to 9,339 tons last year.
  • Exports year to date are 19,778 tons compared to 15,666 tons same period last year.

Exports were again well ahead of expectations, especially given the higher prices. Exports of almost 20,000 tons in the first 2 months of the season may well be a record. It means that close to a third of the total supply has already been shipped.

Prices continue to surge, to a great extent on short covering. We are now starting to hear of significant defaults, which will likely further inflate prices through October.

Growers claim almost everything they produced has been sold to packers or traders. There is only sporadic volume coming to market from traders. We guesstimate packers have bought 60 to 70% of the available tonnage half of which has been shipped, traders and growers each hold 10 to 20%

The majority of buyers are uncovered. The past 2 weeks the Lira has held steady at around 8.85 to the $.

Quality diced and industrial raw material is unavailable and whole apricots are being used for dicing.

Natural and organic prices have increased to narrow the gap with sulphured. Many apricot plants may close by the end of the calendar year due to lack of supply.